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Yoongi and molly

    버논/승관 Verkwan

    BTS: 20160324 by ChubbyChestnutLover

    BTS Tae and Jungkook Fanart

    jimin nottoday

    BTS X Run Fanart @refrainbow

    AgustD mixtape fanart. In my eyes he's the likable villain. Imperfect, yet perfect. Hard to love, hard to understand. Unpredictable. Real. Yet, I love and care about this guy who pushes everyone away. Who doesn't know me. From self-demeaning to self-respecting. Scared, now strong. He is strong. I'll say it again. He's become stronger. He's a stray animal I can't help but want to stay beside. Trust me.

    이런 게 방탄 스타일.

    suga/yoongi fanart

    suga nottoday

    “Best killer couple ever killer JK au is originally from @jung_kkuu #KillerJK #yoonkook”