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Top 15 Funniest Animated GIFs of all time #Jokes

    Funny Demotivational Posters – 25 Pics

    Australian girl grabs snake - BroGIF | Share And Get Awesome GIF's

    These Jokes Are So Terrible, They’re Actually Funny

    UX REACTIONS — When your team is absolutely crushing the pitch:

    Remember-you only have to run faster than one other person. Great motivation to stay in shape!

    GEORGE & BRAD TAKEI Present: Team Takei

    Some people have fun in the weirdest way…

    Leason Learned: I won't loose my pen anymore XD Hahahaha

    I know right, who has the time to wait?

    Dancing from excitement meme

    Here are some bizarre construction FAILS that will really make you wonder.

    The Sniper Prank - So, you target a friend on the bench with your cheapo laser pointer, who jerks a little and falls over, just like he'd been hit with a silenced sniper's bullet at long range. What does John Q. Public do? He high-steps away as if he's running on a bed of hot coals...Hilarious!

    Cookie selling strategy

    Only if I where to be clinging onto someone and I had a floaty that didn't dip me into the watter unless I want it

    Spoiler alert: they're not for that


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    Growing up with strict parents like ..

    I really hope it was a fellow 9gagger More