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Jesus break me. Change me. Refine my heart by lavishly pouring your gracious love all over it. You know me, Lord. You know my thoughts before I even think them. You know every motive & every ugly, shameful sin I commit. But Father, help me to change. Show me your ways that I may be more like you. Holy Spirit take guard over the thoughts that run wild in my mind and the unworthy words that dance on my tongue. Take captive the sin that tries to rule my life. I am set free. Even set free from th...


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    vintage pool pinup - Google Search

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    Set up a mini back-to-school photo session with your tot the weekend before school starts. Use your child's new school supplies as props and play professional photographer for a day. Source: Flickr user emilyonasunday

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    This somewhat reminds me of a Brittneypanda photo. I would take this with a wide shot instead of a vertical.

    kissing her cheek

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    in the morning, give me Jesus.