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TOP hyung just can’t resist Daesung’s cuteness :)) TOP and Daesung are such cuties! ^^ dance -- gif

    Big Bang Gifs — TOP hyung just can’t resist Daesung’s cuteness :)) TODAE love!! [gif]

    WHAT!!! Did You Know that Big Bang Made a Surprise Appearance in Psys Gangnam Style MV? The two “grandfathers” were actually two men disguised as old men. After close observation, netizens realized they were none other than Big Bang’s Daesung and Seungri.

    [+2枚追記] T.O.P - 韓国雑誌「ARENA HOMME+」3月号グラビア画像(15枚) |BIGBANG!!!

    Hahahaha Cute kid & cuter daesung =)) (This is also my reasoning behind Tao...I HAVE NO REASON. #TrueLove)

    I am the one you love, but sorry I am a bad boy - main story image

    G-Dragon's PHHHOTO and IG Updates (140912-13)

    Top and GD---gif

    Daesung, TOP, GD, and Seungri gif of 2NE1 I am the best

    aish... these dorks ^^.......Hahah xD I love this gif(:

    Sehun taking the opportunity to become a damsel in distress and practically throwing himself into Prince Kim Kai's arms xD

    Funny Kris moment lol

    He's like, "Oh, you caught me being silly. Here's a great smile to erase that memory." GIF