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North American Pleistocene Horse by Philip Newsom


    Panthera (leo) fossilis - Mosbach cave lion by on @DeviantArt


    extinct animals -

    Megaloceros giganteus - Buscar con Google

    Fleshed out reconstruction of Pelorovis antiquus (bottom). By Mauricio Anton, from the book "Evolving Eden"

    Alticamelus by Heinrich Harder (1858-1935)

    The Pyrotheria are a group of extinct mammals that lived during the Eocene and Oligocene in South America and had some similarities with the elephants. But they were not related to this, but are counted to the South American ungulates.

    Prehistoric rhino sketch before heading to bed Brontotherium large image on my artstation #animal #animalart #aniamldrawing #rhino #prehistoricrhino #brontotherium #jonnadon1 #jonathankuo

    Prehistoric (Proboscids)

    Titanotylopus, the biggest camel to have ever existed.

    Nesodon, Trigodon and Toxodon, all mammals of the Miocene, late Pliocene and Pleistocene epochs from about 2.6 million to 16,500 years ago. Nesodon was of the late Oligocene to Miocene epochs.