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    Modern Bonnie & Clyde

    Making a deal with the devil/police

    The thing that made her dangerous was that she was a sociopath, and didn't need to be controlled.

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    Hay muchas maneras en las que la gente demuestra ser inteligente. Siempre es mejor apreciar las formas. Sobre eso va la dicotomía tradicional entre la apariencia el fondo. Si alguien me hace daño, creo que lo hace porque es imbécil, no porque sea mala persona.

    "We were a romance novel come to life, hiding behind fantasies and unrealities"

    TheyAllHateUs | Page 5

    The flames danced through her fingers // Photography

    "But I've got better luck in my head; we're just ghosts inside my bed." -This Side of Paradise by Hayley Kiyoko

    doesn't rhyme

    you built me palaces out of paragraphs you built cathedrals

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    Picture Writing Prompt

    A short story about the Goddess of Sadness and the Goddess of Happiness and why both are needed.

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    keith // vld

    An essay on dreams &c chapter heading c1848

    it's gonna be forever // or it's gonna go down in flames

    "If we burn, you burn with us," I read aloud, the others gaping at the wall as they lurk behind me in uneasiness. "This must have been written here after the Infestus burned down half of New York City. It's good to know that we're not the alone in this fight."

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