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Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me Banner by ThePatchriarchy on Etsy

    Doppelganger Laura - Twin Peaks of course, Twin Peaks, one of the best tv shows ever.

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    Modern Bonnie & Clyde


    Making a deal with the devil/police

    "If we burn, you burn with us," I read aloud, the others gaping at the wall as they lurk behind me in uneasiness. "This must have been written here after the Infestus burned down half of New York City. It's good to know that we're not the alone in this fight."

    My second home is HELL

    The fire of the Red District ripped through brick and wood and left a suffering emptiness in its wake.

    Just another hobo

    An essay on dreams &c chapter heading c1848

    "Sorry, mom." Rose murmured, numbly sitting in front of the grave. She did the same thing every year, but it didn't make this time any easier. "Sorry I used to argue with you. Sorry I used to cry and scream when you made me do things I didn't want. I'm sorry that I couldn't help you." At this point, the blonde was crying and she didn't even realize it. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, god I'm so sorry."