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Run run lost boy they say to me. From all of reality.

    "And what is th-that then? Wh-what are w-we? I c-can t-tell y-y-you that-t. We're just a b-bun-nch of broke kids, a b-bunch of-f artists w-ith no future. I'll smoke if I want to." His stutter was back again, and she watched him light his cigarette hungrily, giving up the fight.

    blunt: “following back tons! ”

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    dreaming of broken places and cigarettes and white lights And terrible passion Of breathlessness and freezing cold And breaking down in tears And laughing and running And faces I will forget And nights I won't remember


    Interview with Vår | JANE PAIN

    "Soy un desastre, Blair. Un desastre en la oscuridad que te está mirando como si tú pudieras salvarme".

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    Neil josten "What are you doing?" "What's it look like? Smoking. If you don't like it, then leave." "I didn't say I didn't like it." "Why are you here, then?" "Why are you here?" "Obviously, to get away from everyone." "Right now, that's the one thing we have in common."

    (Be him/her?) I sat on the sidewalk, the left side of my face was beaten up. It had bruises, scrapes, and scratches all along my skin. You hated seeing me hurt or me still fighting. "You need to stop this Alec! Your arm is going to need stitches!" You hold my arm and examine a cut that was pretty deep and wide, the source where the most blood had came from. "I'm's no big deal." I shrug as I try to stay balanced sitting down.