Sat, 12 Aug 2017 18:37:01 +0000

check out this life hack!


    From Cake To Cookie Dough… I'll have to try it.

    Must stay away from fried foods but this is a good tip!

    Here are some extremely useful life hacks for everyday situations.

    5 Eggceptional Egg Hacks

    This really works lol entertainment for a few minutes Even though this says "life hacks" I feel this is more just interesting information.

    Make "flower" ice cubes

    Natural drain unblocker and add 1/2 cup salt ... tested and works!

    Technology is Awesome ;)

    Cookie baking tip

    What to drink? More

    Tips for costuming on a budget - I'd also like to add: Find shoes in the basic needed shape at thrift stores; disinfect with Lysol, then paint with acrylic. It should hold up through 1 con, if not longer.