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3 Positive Tips for Exercise SUCCESS to Be HEALTHIER In MIND + BODY: 1) Practice HONESTY w/YOURSELF 2) Set REALISTIC Goals 3) PRIORITIZE Yourself for WHO U WILL BE... In the FUTURE = a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE


    Thank goodness I am at this point. I no longer crave sweets. Healthy choices for life!

    in-pursuit-of-fitness: Fitness Motivation:...

    more reason to eat clean. I would love to look like this by 40 years old

    The body achieves what the mind believes

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    Envision how you'd like your life to be 6 months from now. What non-scale victories have you achieved???

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    Squats won't make you look manly... but they will give you a nice ass #Fitness #Motivation

    “If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.” ~John Maxwell