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3 Positive Tips for Exercise SUCCESS to Be HEALTHIER In MIND + BODY: 1) Practice HONESTY w/YOURSELF 2) Set REALISTIC Goals 3) PRIORITIZE Yourself for WHO U WILL BE... In the FUTURE = a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

    Workout Motivation: I have goals Damnit! Tone It Up Inspirational Fitness Quotes

    And so I did. It's as simple as waking up one day and deciding you are tired of it, and changing it.


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    Fall in love with the process

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    50 Fitness Motivation Quotes For Your Motivation Board | A Merry Life

    30 Things to Love About Exercise (None of Which Have Anything to Do with Your Weight, Your Size, or What You Look Like) #weightlossrecipes

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    "You don't have to go fast... you just have to go."

    Did you learn to iron yet ?

    Get motivated and inspired to workout with these great quotes from top personal trainers. These quotes will keep you passionate and focused on staying healthy and fit. Always keep your goals in mind and never give up on getting the results you want.

    "Think of your workouts as important meetings you've scheduled with yourself. Bosses don't cancel."

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