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Video Equipment Through the Ages #infographic #History #VideoEquipments


    Video Production Tips - part 2 - from as part of their #Storymakers2014 contest

    The colors in film have a powerful effect on the audience. Here are some lessons we can learn on how color is used in film to evoke emotions.

    Most everything in an American Grocery store is linked to one of 10 companies. - Imgur

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    Infographic: How To Use Hashtags Effectively On Instagram, Facebook And Twitter -

    Have an upcoming trip and wonder which camera to bring? Our guide has all the answers you'll need to pack the right camera for your next adventure!

    It's never too late to make your first feature film. Infographic from…

    How Photography Actually Works Infographic

    Filmmaking Infographics - Imgur

    Before and After Special Effects. VFX and behind the scenes making

    Filming on a Tiny Budget, Part 3: Scheduling and Budgeting – The Zooppa Blog: Notes from the Film Contest World ................................................. How a Movie Budget is Spent:

    Backpack Journalism at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska uses new media tools and relatively inexpensive video equipment to produce documentaries about people in developing countries and marginalized societies. The project is a collaboration of Creighton University’s Departments of Theology and Journalism, Media & Computing.