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    dolls couch Julia 1/6

    Oscar time...lots to do! | por jbern18493 | Les Flocons comme des papillons1

    jbern18493 / 40.16.4

    La aventura de los zapatitos dorados (3/4): Poppy Parker y el vanity silkstone | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Barbie photoshooting | 92 фотографии

    Highland Fling (2006) Silkstone Barbie

    Vintage Repro Articulating Barbie Silkstone FR Parker Fashion Handmade OOAK Mary

    Ingenue Barbie

    Barbie vestida para uma festa:

    Colette with new hair style in lingerie

    We created a piece where we were dolls that "came to life" when our owner left. We all had contrasting personalities and wondered about a "wider reality" to the one we know. We encorperated both frantic assembly and complicité.