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Sat, 20 May 2017 00:43:54 +0000

Japanese beauty site Kami Mado ( created some step by step instructions for long hair styles. - I find them quite useful. What about you? Are you looking for hair tutorials once in a while?

    The plaits make this so much easier for long hair!

    If you're feeling bored with your usual hairstyle but just don't want to go through all the expense and hassle of visiting the stylist, we have the perfect post for you. Japanese beauty site 'Kamimado' has compiled 20 super simple and conveniently quick hair styling ideas, each having an easy to follow pictured step-by-step tutorial. There's sure to be something here to suit everyone! Check them out!:

    4x Braid Hairstyle Step By Step New Hair Tutorial ! Enjoy !

    The best hairstyle for your face shape.

    14 Bold & Unique Hairstyle Tutorials You Can Do At Home

    How to Make Inverted Ponytails Hairstyle DIY Tutorial | LIKE Us on Facebook ==>

    A messy ponytail is so much more than just looping dirty hair through a hair tie and rushing out the door. Much like the no-makeup makeup look, which can often take even longer to achieve than an obvious makeup look, a messy ponytail requires time and some skill. You’re not looking for a truly messy, “I haven’t showered in a few days and did this in five seconds” hairstyle. You’re looking for a “I did this very quickly because I am so busy but look how effortlessly chic I am anyway” hairstyle.

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    Pull Through Braid Chignon for a wedding or on a date <3