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Fri, 07 Jul 2017 10:34:02 +0000

jericho tucker | jordan maron tom syndicate and jericho tucker

    Tom <3 synHD syndicate

    Flynn and prince Neveen are the best for me <3 How Disney Gentlemen Say "I Love You"

    JARDON STAPH MESSING WITH MY EMOTIONS YOU DICK. And yes I know it's spelt Jordan ** Jardon is an inside joke between him and his fans.


    especially with dan and phil, but i do know where i would be. i would be either drenched in blood from my wrists and extremely depressed, or dead already

    This is my favorite video that Rhett and Link have ever made!!! "Don't apply pressure to the wound, just fan it!"

    Poor guy...

    Jordan Maron

    im with him syndicate a.k.a tom his my bfff

    This magnificient son of a gun, Jordan Maron

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