Elizabeth Delgado

Sun, 11 Sep 2016 02:50:15 +0000

Negasonic Teenage Warhead by Hugo Dourado Check Out stuffnerdslike.tv/ for all your favorite quirky gifts and interesting technology..

    You can all quit your lives now.


    Bucky and Steve torment Sam. Actually Steve is 96 and Bucky is either 97 or 98

    The Guy in the Red Suit T-Shirt Marvel TeeTurtle

    Reference of the century or what? -Deadpool trailer

    Deadpool advice

    Do you ship it? by superhero_facts_daily

    I never thought about the similarities...

    This is so true - one of the best (worse) things you can do to your character is kill off mom. Marvel Vs DC…

    Deadpool x Spiderman

    Since I watched the Deadpool movie, every time I see a superhero doing superhero landing, I always do this XD