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Sports auto - super picture

    Zarooq Sand Racer ention UAE to most people and a few words come to mind, usually oil and money. But that ain’t all kids. From the newest car brand in the United Arab Emirates comes the first UAE-produced car, sort of. Presenting the Zarooq Sand Racer.

    ♂ Yellow car The highly anticipated P1 is everything you’d want in a sportscar. Carbon fiber air-vents, 3.8 liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine and a seven-speed-dual-clutch automatic gearbox are just a few ways the auto-giant is celebrating its 50 year ann

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    Super Yacht

    Ferraris concept ... With this one they pushed it too far

    A history of the Nissan Skyline and GT-R (view our post to download a PDF poster). http://www.cockramnissan.co.nz/just-for-fun/nissan-skyline-and-gt-r-history-poster/ #nissan #skyline #gtr

    Lotus, sporty sports car. Photo by Beatrice Katcher www.BeatriceKatch...


    La Renault Trezor donne les grandes lignes du futur design de la marque.

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