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The people who hid in the annexe with Anne and her family, as well as the people who helped to hide them.


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    Edith Hollander and Otto Frank married in 1925

    Same place, different time. This is amazing. Hauntingly beautiful.

    Frank Family; Cousin Buddy Elias

    "Anne Frank" by trulygirlygirl on Polyvore

    Anne Frank and her sister Margot

    Margot Betti Frank (1926-1945): Like her younger sister Anne, Margot kept a diary, but it was never found.

    Anne Frank's diary! Witness this solemn place and experienced the inspiration! Amsterdam 2013 KC

    Otto Frank and his second wife Elfriede looking at an album of photos of Anne. This photo was taken in 1979 in Basel (Switzerland). Elfriede, known as ‘Fritzi’, lost her husband and her son in the Holocaust. She and her daughter survived the concentration camps. Otto Frank and Fritzi Markovits are married on 10 November 1953.

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