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Eating plenty of antioxidant-dense foods such as nectarines may keep skin looking younger & prevent heart disease or cancer. Vitamin C in the fruit plays a vital role in keeping tissues strong, helps produce collagen, promotes healing & also helps to repair cartilage & bones. The fruit is packed with beta carotenes crucial for the production of Vitamin A which also builds & maintains healthy skin, teeth, bone, & tissue. A good source of niacin, thiamin, pantothenic acid & pyridoxine. #vitaminC #



    Our bodies need vitamins and minerals for good overall health, growth and development. There are 11 vitamins and minerals, essential for body function. They each play a critical role in maintaining…

    THE BEST SUPPLEMENT TO ENHANCE PERFORMANCE! Propiedades y beneficios de las bayas de goji para la salud. Ideas y recetas para prepararlas y comerlas.

    Inflamation, Cavities

    Fruits that helps you body with the healing process. https://www.facebook.com/NaturalHealthStore.US

    Benefits of Leeks

    Persimmons can help prevent cancer as it is high in vitamin A & contains compounds known as shibuol & betulinic acid that have anti-cancer properties & is associated with killing breast cancer cells without harming normal cells. The astringent taste is due to large amounts of tannin & can help stops diarrhea, reduces sweating, & slows or stops bleeding. High in Vitamin C needed to make collagen. B-complex vitamins are present to stabilize the metabolic system, along with copper & phosphorus.

    Anti Oxidant Rich Cherries..