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Donate a sock at a Harry Potter birthday party! See more party ideas at!

    Easy activity ideas from this blog post: Horcrux Hunt and make-your-own book covers

    So many Harry Potter ideas for a Party

    Harry Potter's Butter beer

    Planning a Harry Potter party? Impress your guests with this super easy Harry Potter party food idea - Ferrero Rocher golden snitches! Download our free Harry Potter printables and follow our easy party food tutorial to find out how to put them together.

    24 Magical Ways Muggles Can Celebrate Harry Potter Book Night

    My Own Little Women: Harry Potter Party, part duex

    The Hogwarts Express is waiting! With ticket in hand, your guests can travel to the well-hidden Platform Nine and Three-Quarters thanks to this easy DIY from the Judth Fernstrom Photography blog. #HarryPotter

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    Harry Potter Happy Hour | Don't forget the Nimbus 2000! Create your own brooms for a Harry Potter themed party with a mini Reeses cup, orange frosting, and a pretzel stick.

    Mags you have to do this to the door! Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas.

    60 #Ideas for a Harry Potter Theme Party ...

    Harry Potter Party Favors Hedwig I bought Beanie Boos Swoops Owl and tied on its beak bags of chocolate gold coins. I added a sticker that says: "Gringotts Gold"

    Harry Potter Cake! More

    Free Harry Potter/Halloween Candy Printables. Fold in half to set on table or cut in half.

    Ideas for harry potter themed party

    Invitations from Minerva McGonagall on Hogwarts stationary, a trip to the Forbidden Forest and Quidditch Broom Cakes made for one super fun birthday party for my eight year old, avid Harry Potter Fan. And, here’s the best part– it cost about sixty dollars.  That’s good news in our family, where Spring birthdays abound. Our invitations:  An acceptance letter from Hogwarts, with the Hogwarts crest at the top and signed by the deputy headmistress. You ...

    Harry Potter birthday cake by Catcakes

    Quidditch cake inspired from Pinterest

    Great tutorial on making Quidditch Hoops

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