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femme du nord de l'inde

    Natural Fashion, People of the Omo Valley. Hans Silvester.

    neck rings with ornaments, believed the trinkets protects the person from bad spirits

    That child's ear lobes are the most dilated I have ever seen!

    Photo "Sadhu" by Rahul Karan this is an amazing face

    stories-yet-to-be-written: Portrait of a Sadhu by Rakesh JV on Flickr.

    India - Himilayas - Nepal - Tibet - Eric Valli

    Korowai tribes

    Somos todos diferentes

    Homeless man asked me what I was doing, I said taking pictures of interesting things. He said, you're not taking pictures of me are you, I said no no... He said, "I haven't had my picture taken in 40 years."I said, well that's not good, you don't have any history of yourself over that time. All of a sudden, he took off his cap stood in front of me and said, "go ahead, take my picture".I said sure... and here it is. (Photographer Mark M)

    Mursi Tribe Woman, Omo River Valley, Ethiopia Photographic Print by Jaynes Gallery at Art.com

    Photographer: Roberto Pazzi - The Old Lady (Jaipur, Rajasthan, India)

    Mishmi Digaru woman . Loiliang village, India