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    The Listening Song for kids. Joe from parks are rec, aka Keegan Michael Key, sang this song!

    My kids, like most I know, love to laugh. It’s always a lot of fun around here when we find a picture book that has them laughing out loud. Ephraim has the cutest little giggle which gets me and Raeca laughing, it’s a great bonding experience. 🙂 These are a few books that get us giggling. If you have any…

    down by the bay printout

    Iggle-Wiggle Summer Camp Song - I think even my 4th grade boys would approve.

    These Fall Dot Painting worksheets are a fun mess free painting activity for young kids that work on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

    Good Morning to You

    Don't miss these 10 fun movement songs for toddlers you can find on YouTube! They are great for a dance party or getting the wiggles out!

    BEST-EVER Circle Time songs! Kids won't want to leave your classroom! #preschool

    Eight circle time songs that children will love and learn from!

    I teach Kindergarten and we sing songs all day! I sing this song as well transition to "carpet" or "circle" time. My kiddos need a poster to reference it and I use this to teach the song. There are 2 different versions (in the preview) one with no pictures and larger font and one with pictures.Please leave feedback if you are downloading!If you have any suggestions, or would like to edit it please feel free to ask or e-mail me at [email protected] you for your support!

    Use circle time songs to teach the alphabet. days of the week, months of the year, and planets, and more!

    Bildergebnis für gedicht apfel schule