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    So basic though

    13 Clever Science Jokes That Will Impress All Your Nerdy Friends

    Chemistry Cat : Whats The Matter - Chemistry Cat Meme, Whats The Matter, Gas, Solid Liquid Or Plasma | create your own:

    Beatrice the Biologist! Cultivating curiosity and appreciation for science and nature one giggle at a time. I love this.

    Chemistry Cat ~ Why should you date a microbiologist? Because they are well cultured.

    Took me a moment to get it but LOL

    Poor Guy :(

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    Jokes Only Chemistry Geeks Will Understand - Muse Malady #chemistry #humor More

    What do you call an acid with an attitude? A-mean-oh-acid

    now we know the pH of pumpkin spice latte

    Chemistry humor! I love it. So appropriate for what I am studying right now!

    Bahaha, I post this on our board because I know you will laugh!

    chemistry cat

    Say this to me and you'll win my heart

    Chemistry Cat- made by yours truly

    I tripped over some silver and hydrogen the other day and screamed "AgH!"

    See also my Chemistry Cat pinterest ( Jerry Young) board ☼

    @Kristen Liner here's something you'll enjoy - Why yes, yes I did enjoy it :)

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    Chemistry Cat: Traveling light

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