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Rajaya Yogaswara's "TS-56 MKI"

    Machine 56

    Head Bone Machine56 - Pesquisa Google

    Pre-order available at these stores:Japan distribution: Singapore distribution: Malaysia distribution: Hong Kong distrib...

    IVWT SERIES by machine56 on DeviantArt

    TOYSREVIL: Bonehead: Black Death 1/6 from Machine56 x Glitch Network

    TOYSREVIL: Bonehead: Black Death 1/6 from Machine56 x Glitch Network

    "HAYABUSA" | Artist: Studio Sundowner

    machine 56

    Test Subject 56 by MACHINE56 / Glitch-Network

    in vectors we trust | by machine56

    NYCTF CORNELIUS TOMORROW KINGS POPBOT 1/6th Scale 2013.12.06 * 12 inches - 30.48cm * Hand Sculpted * Hand Tailored * Hand Painted * 30 Points of Articulation * Cold Weather Sweater * Long Sword * Swords and Sheaths * Two Variants - Gifted NYCTF 2014 Edition and WO3A Launch Edition

    Mike Jensen's Hard-surface and Organic Works!

    GLITCH_net【風暴大神:須佐之男】God Complex Susanoo 1/6 比例人偶作品 | 玩具人Toy People News

    BONEHEAD Black Death By Machine56 x GLITCH Network pose

    ....I'm not joking, this is a masterpiece from Machine56!

    Rob of Doc Dailey Designs has made several props inspired by Halo, but his new alternate pilot helmet might be his best work yet. He worked with Stony Props on the lighting elements, and the result…

    廣受許多12 吋人偶收藏家們支持與喜愛的台灣本土廠牌「STUDIO SUNDOWNER」,繼昨天我們公開了TTF搶先發行的新作“寅將 真達羅”今天繼續公開了第二款將於TTF搶先發行的新作 – 申將-安底羅 INQUISITOR〈審判者〉限定版,以下為商品介紹。 《Advent of Marvelous League》-Antira (INQUISITOR limited ver) 未來干支-申將-安底羅 INQUISITOR〈審判者〉限定版 將於10/7-10/10台北玩具創作大展現場首次公開限量發售(A44攤位) 全球限定50組 特別預訂價格6980元 出貨時間:2016年10月底 TTF初回預購特典: 凡是在台北玩具創作大展現場參加申將-安底羅 INQUISITOR〈審判者〉限定版預購的客戶,將另外獲得一組追加武器-降魔棍,請注意,追加武器組只限定贈送給在TTF玩具展參加預購的客戶,日後購買的客戶將不再另行贈送,謝謝您。 系列簡介: 申將-安底羅 INQUISITOR〈審判者〉限定版,由Ethan統籌製作,邀請國內頂尖插畫家FU進行系列插畫,3D數位原型大師Feng H...

    Helmet Specialist

    "Old Skool" by Lisa Rae-Hansen

    HELMET IDEA (checkpoint/mexican)