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-IT's ME! Young version- by YeshHD on DeviantArt

    It's okay - I hate me too. I feel like this piece of art relates to me so much - MRD Lacey



    How Do You Draw People | Many people do not know how to draw a head.

    Odin Sketch by PlunderedPsyche

    I've been doing some poses practice again today and since I've accumulated quite a bit of them already I decided to share this compilation with you. I wasn't sure if I should do this ('cause they'r...

    L.L. Zamenhof Kreanto de Esperanto

    ben.jpg (600×2600)

    illustration, sketch, карандаш, caricature, девушка, цири, witcher3

    Yurio (Drawn by me, @KristenAnalise) References: Stellarism


    Step 1: Skeleton Sketch your basic structure outline. For the torso we will of course need the vertebrae, ribcage and pelvis. Don't worry about sketching these the -exact- shape of the actual bones...