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Sat, 12 Aug 2017 17:11:08 +0000

These Girls Wrote A Clever Song Making Fun Of How Women Are Portrayed In Every Country Music Video


    [ VIDEO ] Tim McGraw and Faith Hill - I Need You Lyrics | Quote and Country Music Video >> Rebel

    "Take Your Time"- Sam Hunt

    Ain't As Good As I Once Was .. Toby Keith .. I always get a kick out of his videos :)

    So, I finally got around to seeing the new Karate Kid, and was really pleased to find out that it was about how Jaden Smith ...

    Alan Jackson performing Remember When. Perfect song for a wedding and the video is inspiring to make something similar with a spouse. I love this song and the video. I take lots of photos but this video makes me think about the importance of making videos. It is such a sweet song and video for a husband and wife.

    OMG! The whole world should operate this way! Think of how much more awesome the Empire State building would be! :O

    BLUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!#MISS BLUKE

    25 Parents Who Made Us Laugh In 2014 (BuzzFeed): hilarious

    DIRT by FGL....LOVE. THIS. SONG.... Country girl....always.

    Funny Pictures Of The Day – 89 Pics

    Kenny Chesney's American Kids Video | Whiskey & Randy on Froggy 99.9