Raven was probably my favorite character during the Perez era of the Teen Titans. Ink, gray copics and white painted details.

    Starfire - Michael Dooney Comic Art

    Starfire commish from C2E2 2015 by MichaelDooney

    1887 Starfire

    Michael Dooney deviantART | DC_Fan_Art_22_raven_by_danielgovar-d5i3czt

    Donny Troy,Troia by on @deviantART

    Release your Elven Features from their Prison of Stone! How to make elf ears.

    Steampunk Catwoman, love steampunk.

    1887 Victorian-Style DC Ladies Superhero Art

    Black Cat 1887 Michael Dooney Sketch Drawing Beautiful Sexy Must See | eBay

    1887 Marvel Superheroine Fan Art