Gloria Robichaud

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1930's Men' Fashion, illustrated by Laurence Fellows


    A cotton sport jacket worn for tennis or spectator sports. Rubber soled shoes and white flannel trousers. Esquire, July 1934, p. 111.

    Laurence Fellows

    1930s mens fashion plate. Do not underestimate the power of the pipe the sophisticated man about town like Cary Grant had to have a pipe to at least the mid 1940s.

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    1937 Trousers (Knickerbockers), attributed to F. Cruwys, British. Plus fours are a version of knickers so called because the traditional style was four inches longer and had fuller legs. They were worn for outdoor activities and sports, and were popularized in the 1920s by the Duke of Windsor, who preferred them for his hunting and sporting excursions. The Duke's fashion choices were widely copied. In 1937, when this pair of plus fours was purchased, the Duke of Windsor was very much in the ...

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    “People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them.” James Baldwin 1924-1987  Take time to enjoy these amazing photos! They range from Bob Marley with the Jackson Five to Jos…

    Apparel Arts, summer 1935

    Laurence Fellows - Fashions for the Cruise Ship. Every man should own a pith helmet.

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    Gentiluomini al tennis, pique white cream