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I lost 40 pounds of baby weight and 20 more pounds of fat by pumping for only 6 months. I have figured out how it all works. How many calories you can burn per ounce of breast milk. Find out how to increase your milk supply and burn as many calories as possible

    Lactation cookies-made these the other day and they are super yummy! My husband thought they were just regular oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! I made them with chocolate chips, but I am going to tray raisins or craisins and white chocolate chips next!

    New parents don't know how easy it is to get free diapers online. All you have to do is sign up and your instantly entered to win! It's easy and 100% free.

    Double Click to read more about how this helped my journey through breastfeeding.

    Good to know.

    Such a great visual on how much your baby MAY be able or want to take in the early days.

    Wish I saw this before!!! I almost punched a wall when I used the red can when I needed the blue can! Rootandblossom: Post Delivery (Self Care) Must Haves

    The ultimate guide to increasing breast milk supply - from a mom who struggled. Why your supply might be low, what doesn't indicate low milk supply, and ways to increase it!

    Pump more, worry less! The ultimate guide to breast pumping with tips to make pumping easier, more comfortable, and more efficient. Information on breast pumps and accessories, pumping schedules, boosting supply, storing breast milk, and more.

    Check out these 12 surprising things about breastfeeding from UnityPoint Clinic!

    12 Tips for Establishing a Good Breast Milk Supply #infographic #breastfeeding