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Chillling final photos of murder victims taken by their killers; last minutes of the victim's agony perpetuated forever on pictures

    Here we are, ten years later, and the addiction which tore apart our family has no place where love has taken over.

    Heroin-sleeping with sirens lyrics

    Memoirs of an Addicted Brain: This Is Your Brain on Drugs. #hawaiirehab

    Serial Killers and Mass Murderers: Profiles of the World's Most Barbaric Criminals

    Train Travel Photographs - A Vintage Steam Locomotive in Winter Time ... See more @gr8traveltips

    1950s Unlimited

    The rape of Nanking or The Nanking Massacre.Sometimes the babies were spared while their mothers were raped and then murdered. Here a baby waits for his dead mother to nurse him.

    The real face terror: scenes photos , The rolling stone cover featuring the suspected boston marathon bomber, dzhokhar tsarnaev has, of course, set off a firestorm of controversy across the country. Description from I searched for this on

    In 1968, Barbara Mackle, 20, was abducted by Gary Krist and Ruth Eisemann-Schier. Mackle was buried in a trench inside a box, which had an air pump, a battery-powered lamp, water, & food. When they received the $500,000 ransom, they gave vague directions to Mackle’s burial site. Mackle was rescued alive. She had spent more than 3 days underground. Krist and Eisemann-Schier was arrested and convicted. Eisemann-Schier served 4 years in prison, Krist served 10 years.