Mon, 17 Jul 2017 14:50:38 +0000

    There's just something about you I'm scared to lose because I know I won't find it in anyone else.

    It's a pleasure for me love.. A dream come true..

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    i miss you

    I have done this on more than one occasion and would do it again in a heartbeat

    22 years I wish I would it heard this at least ones, today I know my life would it be different. Kindness, past it on!

    Always & forever my ONLY one!!! I will love you throughout eternity and beyond!!

    I miss you too btw

    YESSS I smile for no reason All the Time *Baby, just a minute I want to do Isha salah..with my aching back..

    Honest Honest !!! I can't wait for the future.. That day with you RyRy, might leave Bear speechless, just in total shock because I am with you. You are the only one to make my heart skip a beat. To make my blood boil. I see you and think damn so adorable, cute, hot & sexy. The sexiest man on the face of this planet. Creative & talented. Super cool & a softy when it comes to animals. A cook. Smart. Caring and still wanting to be with me after my disabilities. Gentle. I love you & forever will. <3