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En la clase de Física aprendemos a calcular el voltaje.

    Textbooks and Tea — cw0630: I’m reviewing empirical formulas before...

    "Non omne quod licet honestum est" — stumblingnotes: 26.09.15 Finished up on a...

    organizedminimalist:reviseordie:How to Illustrate your Notes… If this even helps just one of you out I’ll be a very happy woman!There’s more than one method, folks!

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    The Organized College Student

    Tip 1: Use a limited amount of color When I take notes I only use three colors. Two similar colors and one that is complimentary. I keep the colors limited so that it’s easy to identify key points on...

    studyorcry: really old chem notes

    getstudyblr: starting my sociology resume for Wednesday, super tired after twelve classes

    some rather green summary notes for cell bio.

    If you study like this, you're putting too much effort into your gel pen selection and too little effort into the material. But it's awesome.