Christina Palumbo

Sat, 20 May 2017 00:59:47 +0000

Oh, it's so #bleeping on. Blackout #poets, unite! #blackoutpoetry #Aprilis


    Language arts inspiration: Here's how to use funny photos of grammar mistakes to teach grammar rules.

    Blackout Poetry Library Display at Oregon City Public Library

    These are excellent ideas for my high school English classroom! Love them!

    Plug in a quote and choose a background. Creates poster to print, email, etc.this is awesome.

    I absolutely love this - such simple tools that can make all the difference in your classroom!

    Punctuation social personalities.

    Introducing Shakespeare? Looking for a fun way to do it that engages kids while they learn? Try Room 213's stations.

    25 Clever Classroom Tips For Elementary School Teachers

    These reading exit tickets are a simple way to assess informational and literature reading standards! There are assessments for comparing and contrasting, character traits, point of view, main idea and so much more!

    Expand upon your writing skill set with new techniques to take your creativity and career to the next level. Earn your MFA in Creative Writing online from Full Sail University and build a comprehensive digital portfolio to showcase your talents.

    Teaching reading in middle and high school can be challenging. By using book clubs as a form of choice reading, teachers can increase engagement, relevancy, and readership among their ELA students. In this post, read about why book club matters.

    Revise to third grade common core standards