Sam Paige

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:28:05 +0000

OMG, Russia really IS bigger than Pluto. Mind=blown - funny tumblr


    Poor Pluto lmao! Pluto you will always be invited to my parties!!! *hugs sad pluto*

    I learn more from the Internet than I do school. Sometimes, anyway...

    We finally won!

    i'm with a bunch of people who were talking, and I bursted out laughing. They all shutup and started looking at me. heheh...

    dear every pants manufacturer..

    Hahaha I love that they went to tumblr for help! Oh my socially awkward friends, how I love thee.<< hehe... What do I do? Him. That's awesome I mean that's what I would've said... XD and I would follow that information, to<<<<< thank you pinterest (and tumblr), once again, for makin' my cry with laughter.

    The latter probably.

    The truth about being alone

    Australia / iFunny :)

    Brilliant! :D