Sam Paige

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:28:05 +0000

OMG, Russia really IS bigger than Pluto. Mind=blown - funny tumblr

    Poor Pluto lmao! Pluto you will always be invited to my parties!!! *hugs sad pluto*

    Why can't we be friends

    when a creeper is watching you and reading over your shoulder----this is now on my bucket list to do this.

    Mind blown Ғσℓℓσω ғσя мσяɛ ɢяɛαт ριиƨ>>>> Ғσℓℓσω: нттρ://ωωω.ριитɛяɛƨт.cσм/мαяιαннαммσи∂/

    dear every pants manufacturer..

    its so true. i want to do so many things at once that i just don't do anything and then my life goes to complete and utter shit.

    I'm going to start doing this

    We finally won!

    i don't understand what i did to have my two best friends cut me out of their life but god.. it hurts so much


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