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Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:23:25 +0000

Seahorse Harp. Which is the main event here...the look or the music? Hard to tell...

    *Violin....looks like ice!..beautiful!

    A series of hidden harps lead to the moon medallion. Each harp opens a space pocket which contains the song need to open the next harps pocket.

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    Art Mountain Glen Harps harps

    harp guitar

    The beautiful Harp!

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    A modern concept of Native Americans

    Wulter Bass refurbished dyed indigo and half gilded in copper leaf - rather…

    Infant Triceratops | Thomas Theodore Merrylin was a rich aristocrat and “cryptozoologist” named Thomas Theodore Merrylin. Born in England in 1782, Merrylin was a mysterious recluse who dedicated his life to studying and preserving these truly odd specimens. Of course, the Merrylin Cryptid Collection is not without its skeptics. Some people believe it was all some kind of strange art project, while others are convinced of the collection’s authenticity.

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    harp with roses

    Single action pedal harp (pedals à sabots/crochets). Ribbons of bells and sprays of ivy interweave along the column, which rests upon a base ornamented with floral motifs. The soundboard sports figurines of putti and medallions alternating with floral designs; in the center are two exotic female dancers. The present blue color is actually slightly darker than the original. France, 1783.

    A Nyckelharpa. A traditional swedish instrument that literally means "keyed fiddle". Never seen one but I imagine it sounds as unique as it looks.

    posca guitar - Google Search

    ...'s violin has to be the symbol of art in it's entirety. She's carved, drawn, played and shaped it. It's a perfect unity between artwork and performance. This is a real violin, BTW.

    1820 Irish Dital harp by John Egan. 28 strings. Exquisite! \

    "Vivian is the only one who actually plays an instrument, and so she plays, like eight of them. Her favorite one is definitely the violin though."

    Marine Music :-)

    Ladies Showtime By David Gonzales

    nice color