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Follow Paolo on his buying trip in Hong Kong, the largest gemstone and jewelry trade show in the world, where you can find exceptionally large gemstones like this 500 carat aquamarine from Santa Maria Brazil.. The rarest and most collectible of all aquamarines.


    #alexandrite known as the “#emerald by day, #ruby by night,” is an extremely rare color changing variety of Chrysoberyl. The largest-faceted Alexandrite stone lives at the Smithsonian and weighs in at over 65.08 carats! But did you know that it’s also been said that a 141.92 carat Alexandrite is in existence? Not much is known about this privately owned stone in Japan, except that it is listed as the largest cut Alexandrite by the #guinessbookofrecords website. At 50-75k per carat, that’s a ...

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    "Light of the Desert", the world's largest faceted Cerussite gem (898 carats) from Tsumeb, Namibia,

    View 1: This stunning gemstone was cut from spodumene rough mined from the Mawi Mine located in Laghman, NW, Nuristan Province in Afghanistan. The crystal was mined over 30 years ago and has been hiding in a private collection until just this past year. The crystal showed fabulous pleochroism with violet down the C axis and pale greens and blues through other axes. Blue spodumene is rare and the combination of greens, blues and deep violet is even rarer. What makes this stone so incredibly w...

    12 Months Of Facts About Birthstone

    Sphene (titanite)

    Paolo Costagli - An extremely rare 350+ Carat Colombian Emerald in the palm of his hand.

    Brazilian brownish-pink Andalusite. Named after the Andalusia province of Spain where it was discovered in 1789, Andalusite is a popular collector’s gemstone, best known for its extreme pleochroism...

    The Blue Giant of the Orient, a rectangular-cut world’s largest faceted Kashmir sapphire of 486.52 carat, is displayed at Christie’s headquarters in Geneva on Wednesday. The sapphire will be up for auction on May 19 and is estimated to sell between $10,00,000 and 15,00,000

    Oval Concave Cut Green Fluorite - Gemstone

    Graff. Ill have them all, how much for cash