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Follow Paolo on his buying trip in Hong Kong, the largest gemstone and jewelry trade show in the world, where you can find exceptionally large gemstones like this 500 carat aquamarine from Santa Maria Brazil.. The rarest and most collectible of all aquamarines.

    Oolites or cave pearls are sedimentary rocks formed from ooids, spherical grains composed of concentric layers

    World's largest emerald

    This extremely rare and scientifically important specimen is the largest lizard ever found in amber. In fact, it is the largest complete animal ever discovered in amber and among the finest fossil vertebrates known to exist.

    Phosphophyllite, 10.99 ct, 14.77 x 10.30 x 10.28 mm, from Bolivia, likely the Unificada Miine in Potosí. (Photo: Jeff Scovil)

    View 1: This stunning gemstone was cut from spodumene rough mined from the Mawi Mine located in Laghman, NW, Nuristan Province in Afghanistan. The crystal was mined over 30 years ago and has been hiding in a private collection until just this past year. The crystal showed fabulous pleochroism with violet down the C axis and pale greens and blues through other axes. Blue spodumene is rare and the combination of greens, blues and deep violet is even rarer. What makes this stone so incredibly w...

    Suite of Cat’s-eye Tourmalines. Tourmalines have a wide variety of exciting colors with one of the widest color ranges of any gem. Tourmaline is a birthstone for October, along with opal. Tourmaline is also the gem of the eighth anniversary

    Crystal grid

    World's RAREST Largest Collector's Gem 26100cts Super Swiss Blue Topaz | eBay

    The Blue Giant of the Orient, a rectangular-cut world’s largest faceted Kashmir sapphire of 486.52 carat, is displayed at Christie’s headquarters in Geneva on Wednesday. The sapphire will be up for auction on May 19 and is estimated to sell between $10,00,000 and 15,00,000

    Mountain Alexandrite is gorgeous. I don't even care that I could only afford lab grown.

    THE SAPPHIRE OF ST EDWARD, 167 carats. It sits in the center of the upper cross of Britain's Imperial State Crown.

    Another angle of this 801 carat Boulder Opal shows the blues that come out under different light....Bill Kasso

    Often called the Rolls-Royce of greens at Cadillac prices, tsavorite a hundred times more rare than ‎emerald. It is also cleaner, more brilliant and not oiled or treated in any way. Although Tsavorite is the name usually associated with the darker green ‎garnet, there is no universally accepted standard that designates which shade of green qualifies a stone as ‎tsavorite. More @ and #gemstones

    Paolo Costagli - An extremely rare 350+ Carat Colombian Emerald in the palm of his hand.Cut and polished. An emerald to end all emeralds. And it's not even set yet.

    "Michael Dyber gem sculpture in amethyst (48.85 carats). The holographic effects are a result of facets ground into the back or pavilion of the gem which is roughly triangular, similar to the pavilion of a standard faceted gemstone."

    1.63 ct cushion cut Tsavorite Garnet!

    Tsavorite "Portuguese" Style Cut Oval

    Luscious Green Tourmaline Concave cut by John Dyer & Co.

    7860cts - Unique Largest Collector's Gem - Natural Neon Swiss Blue Topaz Brazil

    Very fine, over 70 carats, unheated, top, Ceylon Sapphire.

    22 carat, "cornflower blue", Ceylon sapphire: Color Description Slightly greenish blue to violetish blue Genuine sapphires, part of the Corundum gem family. Mohs' hardness rating of 9.

    5-plus-carat tsavorite from the Lualenyi Mine.

    Imperial Topaz Radiant Style Cut

    Purple Rose Aura Quartz Crystal PointsMedium Large by GemGemRock #RoseAura #PurpleRoseAura #AuraQuartz #AuraCrystals #HugeCrystal #healingstone #gemstone #rawstone #RawCrystal #GemGemRock #healingpoint #AngelAura #Crystals #sale #Beautiful #gemstone #etsy #etsysale #valentine