Abby Doerr

Tue, 10 Jan 2017 22:37:10 +0000

husky and corgi mix - Hledat Googlem

    Pomsky (Husky & Pomeranian Mix)

    Smart puppy #pet #dogfashion #petfashion

    Floofy Malamute (I left the previous pinner's comment because I can't get over 'floofy')

    [They're like Corgi Cats!!! Munchkin Cats. I want one!]---------------------**You might wanna hold up on this 'need.' This was a capitalized on birth defect. Vets are seeing a lot of spinal and leg disorders in the Munchkin as it grows. Cats weren't meant to be built like this.

    I'm obsessed with this dog

    So cute! Alaskan klee kai puppy

    Adorable!! Mais

    A box of pupkakes

    Fofura das fofuras!!!!

    Husky! - just like my husky sanji - so majestic - - re-pinned by