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There are some big October scholarships - don’t miss out!

    Tis the season to apply to scholarships! Here are 31 scholarships with December deadlines!

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    Senior year is insane for high schoolers applying to college! Here's a monthly breakdown of what teens should be doing to prepare

    Make sure you're set for the upcoming semester by applying to these scholarships. #9 could really help a STEM student! Here are 18 scholarships with September deadlines – apply away before the month flies by! 1. Apartment List Scholarship – $500 – Apply biannually by September 1 & March 1 This scholarship is awarded to a student who shares the same core values as those who work at Apartmentlist.com 2. EGC’s Scholarship for Gamers – $1,000 – Apply biannually by September 1 & TBD ...

    There are many of us who fail to get admitted to the respective type of institutions of higher learning of our choosing not because we did not score the required points and grades to guide but because you did not submit a quality personal statement.

    Here are 33 scholarships with November deadlines that total $49,250.

    Welcome, writers! These scholarships require you to write essays, poems, or blog posts.

    Scholarships for students with disabilities or menal illnesses. www.thedistractedmom.com