Lexi Montgomery

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:28:17 +0000

Some girls our age make me want to go hug my mom and thank her for the way she raised me.


    Same. We went to the formal dance at school together and ya know...slow danced a bunch...but we're not dating (At least i don't think we are...?)

    I'm about to be a junior, and I'm like 3 times more awkward than all the soon-to-be freshman girls I know put together.

    Or even to just be able to look into the mirror without cringing or being disappointed or feeling like a piece of crap.

    Went out with my wife last night for and I feel like a teen falling in love…

    Who else puts headphones in whilst walking etc and makes up scenarios in their…

    Check out this whisper! http://whisper.sh/w/ynmc092


    I still do this....

    Fifth harmony funny quote

    Psalm 46:5 Mom ;)