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    Starter sentences

    50 ways to say looks like/seems like from The Writer's Circle Facebook page

    100 most beautiful words in the English language. Technically this should not go on the "books" board, but hey, words are in books, right?

    I'll remember your favorite things, that one story from that one day, how to help you or make you smile, but I will not remember your birthday. Sorry

    oh my. Writer problems

    22 Tumblr Posts That Will Make All Writers Laugh And Then Hysterically Cry

    And if they want to show you their art, please say yes. Never turn them down, or say you're "too busy." Or if they give it to you to see/read, actually appreciate it. Don't shove it aside like it doesn't matter. As a writer, that has happened to me, where i would tell someone i trusted about my book, and they would act like they didn't care, and i felt foolish for telling them. And that hurt, a lot. So, that person trusts you very much. Never make them regret it.

    This person is really excited about mermaids. XD | I am also v excited by mermaids!! M e r m a i d s

    i don't even care if I've pinned this it's painfully true

    Affect vs Effect