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Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:45:03 +0000

Words Ending in -le Snakes and Ladders Game


    CVC Words Game "Snakes and Ladders" Great for ESL/ELL Students and Young Learners

    My connections unit is coming up in a few weeks. I wanted to make a few fun activities that would keep students interactive with their books during silent reading. I hope this pack is super useful to you and your students!~This mini pack includes...~Text Connection Chains~Posters to hang the chains from (Test to Self.

    Long O Game: Snakes and Ladders (o_e, oa, oe, ow)

    Diphthong Game: I have, Who has... These Diphthongs AW-AU, OW-OU, OO-OO, OY-OI Games are great for introducing, drilling and/or revising.

    Digraph Game: Snakes and Ladders

    ESL Vocabulary Task Cards: Make or Do Fixed Expressions

    This Bingo game gives students the opportunity to practice reading closed (short vowel) nonsense words. I've included 7 boards so you can use this in small groups or with individual students.

    9 mini and standard size Figurative Language Charts!

    Illustrated Word Wall CardsHelp your students learn and use vocabulary words with these illustrated word cards. Included are 512 picture cards and 208 Dolch word cards for a total of 720 cards! This resource has: 12 Color Cards, 4 Direction Cards, 12 Number Cards,20 Shape Cards, 20 Math Cards, 28 Sports Cards,12 Breakfast Cards, 4 Utensils Cards, 4 Drinks Cards,12 Lunch Cards, 4 Desert Cards, 12 Farm Cards,20 Animal Cards, 8 Bug Cards, 8 Sea Animal Cards,28 Life Cycle Cards, 8 Family Cards,...

    ESL Resources: Are these contractions is or has?