Jen Ventrelle

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:50:01 +0000

Great discussions with high school Algebra students about what it means to be a function. And a free sorting activity.

    I love doing card sorts like this with my math students! 8.5G Identify functions using sets of ordered pairs, tables, mappings, and graphs A.12A Decide whether relations represented tabularly and graphically define a function

    Jeopardy review game for Functions in Algebra. Topics covered: determine, evaluate, write equations from word problems, find domain and range, and writing equations from tables.

    Students multiply, add and evaluate polynomials in this highly-visual polynomial activity.

    Interactive Notebook page about algebra (like terms) ...from: Middle School Math Madness! (blog)

    I have always used games as a way to review math concepts. However, TpT has challenged me to make them more meaningful, relevant, and attractive. My students are more likely to buy in when the game has a polished look, clear instructions, and directly rel

    Finally a way for kids to understand domain and range from a graph? Visual/foldable activity so they can see the limits of the function.

    Kids love choice in Algebra. I have found that kids are more relaxed and get more work done with a sense of choice in the activities they are given. They are also more accurate with their work when given a choice because there is more buy-in. Here they get to build their own equations with variables on both sides to solve. (Freebie linked)

    Push students to create their own city using geometry skill! Geometrocity is a project based learning activity aimed to engage and excited kids as they plan, design, and build their own community. This easily differentiates for levels of learners. Make your math come alive with this PBL. Grades 2-6 & higher SpEd. $

    Students work together to sort functions and non-functions and then explain their reasoning on an answer sheet (not shown). They can then check their work with QR codes.

    Math = Love: Algebra 1 - Unit 2 Linear Functions INB Pages

    (free Algebra 2 warm up template). I shine either an equation or a graph on the smart board. If I shine an equation, my students know to sketch the graph. If I shine a graph, my students know to find the equation. From there, students find the vertex, y-intercept, domain, range, zeros and equation (if a graph was given).