Madi Azar

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 11:19:20 +0000

USSR. Soviet Scientific Antarctic Expedition. 1956. Sc#1884. MNH. OG.


    Russian battleship 'Orel' 1668, postage stamp, USSR, 1971

    Antarctic Treaty Issue

    Great hats off to French waters way south 1976-79. Love the diving seabird.

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    Russia Soviet Chernushka the Dog in Space 1961

    Postage Stamps - British Antarctic Territory - 20 years Antarctic Treaty

    SELLO # 1091

    "Partisans -- revenge without remorse!" Russian WWII Propaganda Posters

    SELLO # 808

    Stamps Pitcairn Islands 1957 SG 21 Handycraft Bird Model Fine Mint Scott 23 Other Pitcairn Island Stamps HERE