Madi Azar

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USSR. Soviet Scientific Antarctic Expedition. 1956. Sc#1884. MNH. OG.

    1978 Russian Stamp, Icebreaker "Moscow".

    .~The Canadian "Xmas" map stamp of 1898~.

    "Death to the world imperialism." (Dmitry Moor), 1919. *Dmitry Moor is my absolute favorite Soviet political illustrator. His style revolutionized (pardon the pun) propaganda art. (

    Flags of Russia and the Ukraine - 1954 postage stamp


    Cyprus 1938 SG 155a Kyrenia Harbour Fine Mint SG 155a Scott 147A Other British Commonwealth Empire and Colonial stamps Here

    Fekljaev V. N., 12 April — the day of cosmonautics

    Australia Day 1983 Ships Set Fine Used SG 879/80 Scott 861/2 Other Australian Stamps HERE

    1911-14 Australasian Antarctic Expedition

    1935 ANTARCTICA map, #monogramsvacation

    photo DLR-Iceland-258-Trawler-10-12-50F297-StefanJonsson_zps35aa1d82.jpg

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