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Spain Stamp1965 - Donoso Cortes

    Goya Series - Spain - pintor

    Sello español dedicado al poeta de la Generación del 27, Jorge Guillén en el centenario de su nacimiento (Valladolid, 1893 - Málaga, 1984).

    Spain [ESP] - Famous People 1967

    José de Espronceda ( 1808 — 1842) was a Romantic Spanish poet.,25 ptas Spanish stamp, circa 1972


    Carlos V, Charles Quint.(1500- 1558) . Spanish stamp, circa 2000.

    Trajes regionales españoles en sellos AVILA

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    Pierre and Marie Curie physicists and chemists, discovery of radium 1903. Stamp from Monaco 1938

    Fuensaldaña Castle

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    Angola 1953, 7 Ags. Warthog.

    Italian Colonial Stamps - Tripolitania

    Fleur de Lis symbol, on a stamp from Spain, c.1978. Illustrated with an image of Fernando V11, who was king of Spain twice, once in c.1808 and again in c.1813. ~ {cwl} ~

    Herd of Cattle? Bulls, Cows and Calves on Stamps - Stamp Community Forum - Page 6

    1960 Hernando de Soto stamp, Spain

    Sweden 14kr Ingrid Bergman (II) 2015 Lars Sjööblom sc.

    Tenth-century polymath Avicenna included the Hippocratic manipulative methods in his influential five-volume Canon of Medicine, published in numerous editions in Europe and used as a textbook in many medieval European medical schools.

    España 1972 - Emilia Pardo Bazán, condesa de Pardo Bazán, fue una noble y aristócrata novelista, periodista, ensayista, crítica literaria, poeta, dramaturga, traductora, editora, catedrática y conferenciante española introductora del naturalismo en España

    Teruel 6 PTAS Correos

    United States Commemorative Stamps | Movie Patron Blog and Cinecast - Film Reviews that Matter » 2007 ...

    P8 Buttons & Fabrics: Traditional Costumes : Postage Stamps Spain

    Spain Scott #424 (29 Sep 1930) Bow of Santa María. This stamp is in a set of 16 (Scott #418-32, E8) in tribute to Christopher Columbus. The stamps were privately produced and the Spanish Postal Authorities placed them on sale for only three days. There are many so-called “errors” of color & perforation.

    Spain stamp - Regional costume Vizcaya

    Literature on Stamps: Juan Ramon Jimenez - Premio Nobel de Literatura,1956