Clare Noel Bender

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:25:00 +0000



    He didn't say this. The pic is a screen shot from "Remember Me". Nevertheless, lovely. There is a link to the full post in the comments when you click thru...

    movallibrary: The only problem is that reality will still be there when you get out. “…the magic of escapist fiction is that it can actually offer you a genuine escape from a bad place and, in the process of escaping, it can furnish you with armor, with knowledge, with weapons, with tools you can take back into your life to help make it better… It’s a real escape — and when you come back, you come back better-armed than when you left.” - Neil Gaiman

    Sharpay Evans was the last person I expected as a reaction photo relating to books.

    Harry potter, hunger games <3, divergent

    :-) especially when he's your favorite or it could be a her...

    Hahahaah I'm gonna cry

    Don't much like Narnia. Refugee could be the Maze or something.. Or 221 Baker St.....

    yes. With Minho. I pronounced it Min-ho, but in the movie they pronounced it was Meen-Ho

    a note to authors: I hope that you can sleep at night, you crusher of little girls' dreams!

    And what if James Dashner is trying to warm us about the future?