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    Robert de Roos, died 1285 Bottesford

    Advice on armourers for producing gauntlets and Churburg #13 -- myArmoury.com

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    churburg 13 - Google Search

    Turkish ghulam and berber infantryman from Kutama tribe in Fatimid service, late X c.

    The Bearded Capitano del Popolo'' small'' and other glories of Siena in the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Siena

    I like the woman in this drawing for the image of king Richard going off to war and then Queen Eleanor stood by him.

    Wulfheodenas. Valsgärde 8 recreation. Photograph courtesy of member Matt Bunker.

    S'e Knechten auf eald

    Byzantine Empire--- Depiction of the Kievan Rus. A group of Slavic people who raided deep into the Byzantine Empire.

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    Coat od plates No. 1 from Korsbetningen. This is probably the most widely known of the 24 coat-of-plates from the mass graves of the Battle of Visby Sweden, (1361). The characteristic horizontal plates protecting the lower chest and stomach can be found on sculptures and illuminations contemporary with the event. However, only 7 of the coat-of-plates are of this type, the rest consisting of only vertical plates. (Antikvarisk-topografiska arkivet, Stockholm)