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    The Normans: Their history, arms and tactics. A wonderful write up.

    Medieval Western Knight's Armor Kit "The King's Guard"

    Глава 7. Различные типы средневекового меча / 7.1 Мечи германцев и викингов - Меч. Большая иллюстрированная энциклопедия

    German sallet 1480, wallace collection

    14th century troops by McBride:

    Gallic/Celtic noble warrior

    14th century Knight in armour

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    10351317_561019554031576_9115439526667664869_n.jpg (467×720)

    Kingdom of Jerusalem -Arms and Armor

    German Medieval Armies, 1300-1500 - 2 German knights mid-14th and a Cuman auxiliary. Osprey Publishing