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    14th century russian kit

    Zbroja wzorowana na nagrobkach niemieckich rycerzy: Beringera von Berlichinge 1377 oraz Voita von Rieneck 1379/Armour set based on german knights effigies: Beringer von Berlichinge 1377 and Voit von Rieneck 1379

    Building of a timber fort, late 12th century

    Phyrgian helmet - used by XII - XIII sicillian normans

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    Despite being opposed to 'maille gloves' in favour of maille mufflers previously- this image goes a long way to proving their existence. The separate fingers are clearly visible in the knights observing the death of Absalom in the Winchester Bible (c.1170).

    Mittelalter geätzter Buckler „Distel“ Mehr

    Painted sallet helmet

    빅토리아 가드 WIPS ...:

    Normands en Sicile : Noble, soldat, prisonnier, vers 1180. Illustration : Angus Mc Bride.

    italo norman armour - Google Search

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