Fri, 21 Apr 2017 11:31:42 +0000

Montana Sapphire gemstone


    Amethyst gemstone- love the lavender color!

    "Sea Dream", AGTA award-winning 106.84 ct freeform aquamarine cut by the fabulous John Dyer.

    Skilled fashioning intensifies the color and brightness of this unique 21.25-ct amethyst. Lydia Dyer, gem courtesy of John Dyer & Co. GIA (061413)

    31CTW Aquamarine with amazing cut #Gemstones #Aquamarine

    Very cool ice-blue color...reminds me of Frozen! lol Montana Sapphire gemstone

    round "concave stargazer"™ cut lemon citrine

    What a beautiful cut,I love star cuts .

    Indicolite Tourmaline gemstone

    This 11.34-carat Imperial Topaz gemstone features the Radiant Style cut

    Bicolor Tourmaline gemstone / cut by John Dyer / Mineral Friends <3

    "GEM-INTRUSION" gems with "internal fireworks" by Andrew Gulij

    Burning Diamond Cut in Bicolor Nigerian Sapphire • 2.0 carats • Fine Art Gemstones by Jeffrey Hunt