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14'' Mississippi class battleship USS Idaho 1943: she was fortunate in not being at Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941 but as a result was not as extensively modernised as those ships requiring significant repair. She served throughout the Pacific campaign mainly in shore bombardment roles.


    HMS Renown HMS RENOWN at anchor in Hvalfjord, Iceland (Photograph taken from the aircraft carrier HMS VICTORIOUS) during the search for the TIRPITZ. The battleship aft of RENOWN is possibly USS TEXAS, which arrived in Iceland in late January to escort a convoy back to British waters.

    KMS Graf Zeppelin - portaerei classe Graf Zeppelin - Varata 8 dicembre 1938 Completata: mai - Dislocamento standard: 24.114 t a pieno carico: 27.750 Lunghezza 257,20 m Larghezza 27,00 m Pescaggio 7,29 m Propulsione 4 turbine da 36.750 kW = 50.000 CV Velocità 33,8 nodi (62 km/h) Equipaggio 1.720 marinai + 306 del personale di volo. - Affondata nel mar Baltico il 18 giugno 1947

    wheel chair lift----I didn't know they made lifts like this.

    14 Feb 39: The great German battleship BISMARCK is launched, the most powerful ship in the Kriegsmarine. Its career on the seas, however, will be cut short by the British. More: #WWII

    Booth Wanted Poster - April 20, 1865 - "The Murderer of our Late beloved President Abraham Lincoln, IS STILL AT LARGE."

    HMS Rodney

    Grace & Beauty | The Black Victorians | 1880s

    The Battleship TEXAS is the last dreadnought in existence in the world, a veteran of Vera Cruz (1914) and both World Wars, and is credited with the introduction and innovation of advances in gunnery, aviation and radar. Having been designed in the first decade of the 20th century, (keel laid in 1911 and completed in 1914), and having seen action in some of the most intense and critical campaigns of WWII, she is an important piece of our naval and maritime history. USSTEXASBB35.COM

    World War II Tanks WWII Armored Vehicles 24x36 Poster

    King Ranch-One of the largest ranches in the world and largest in North America stretching over 4 counties in Texas.

    IJN_ise_1945_04 after the end of the war

    British Battleship HMS Nelson! (google.image)