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If you want to learn to draw a simple and easy anchor then you need to take a look at this drawing tutorial. It teaches you a step-by-step process to draw a simple anchor quickly. Find out more...

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    How to draw a nose. This is how I was taught in college! (Every body part is simply a line or shape)

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    "Drawing Inspo" by glitter-girly-life on Polyvore amazing im going to try something like the m tv one and maybe a couple others

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    (Open Rp someone be him) I walked down the hall and saw the popular girl kissing him. I felt a wave of jealousy go over me and I didn't understand why. He hated me and loved to annoy me. He even said so himself. I knew I liked him and I always denied it. I look down and continue to walk. Later that day I feel someone grab my wrist. I turn to see him. I struggle to get out of his grip but can't. "We need to talk" he said. He's never looked so serious before.....

    This would make an amazing tattoo

    P_Bass_Head_by_JMFMetallicat.jpg (709×1126)

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    I really want this tattooed

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