Jack-y Boi

Fri, 07 Jul 2017 03:51:46 +0000

The Enchanted Storybook

    Rekke--too young and inexperienced to survive

    The Merrymen from left to right: Aidan, Pita, Insilvon, and Sylris.

    You are walking in the woods when this young woman suddenly steps out, aiming an arrow at you. You recognize her from wanted posters around the kingdom, but you don't know what she's wanted for. What do you do? (medieval)


    Archer in a Field

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    Archery, large side-quiver, bow and hunting knife

    Canarywood, Purpleheart and Bamboo bow with Mahogany burl handle, 40lb at 25", wood archery bow, comes with arrows

    English Longbow. When French soldiers found English archers they would cut off their bow fingers. Hence the insult of flicking 2 fingers.

    Archer of the wood