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24 Rare Photos of Stores in the Victorian Era - Page 2 of 2


    antique candy store - my idea of a REAL candy store :)

    pictures of old time general stores | old general store replica

    Vintage image of 2 women shopping at old A & P Grocery store

    50's Grocery store.

    doin' laundry

    Mead’s grocery store in East Hanover in this photo from the early 1900s

    vintage candy store

    Victorian/Edwardian So many unsafe things in their daily lives!! definitely worth reading!!

    Another pinner said: "I find old general stores so interesting. Everything was displayed so perfectly."

    Victorian Childhood The Sweetshop England

    Open w Lincoln)) I step into the empty train and wait for the signal... Then I'd be gone. Once again... disappearing. Just like every time.... I start to feel the signal when I spot you.

    A well-ordered grocery store, 1913. By the early twentieth century, Germany was a highly industrialized country. A consumer society also developed. The shop in this photograph catered to the needs of German consumers. It offered whole milk, cocoa and chocolate, baked goods such as bread, packaged egg noodles, and bottled beverages.