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Water remedies! All you need to do is add one main ingredient and you're on your way to a better, healthier life.



    Goal: To try these out, the ones that I need. (all of them - )

    Big shout out to The Indian Spot for this great infographic!

    Banana face mask is full of vitamins and minerals and popular as a skin issues corrector. It keeps skin soft and smooth, prevents from wrinkles and acne.

    Sometimes when you suffer from eczema on your face, constantly picking or scratching can lead to scars. This treatment may work wonders for you if your trying to get rid of your eczema battle scars.

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    All foot bath recipes in 1 place

    Ayurveda says that raw honey is medicine,it is a common natural healing agent that has...

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    Aging, as being part of our life, makes our skin not so attractive and requires special care and commitment not some overnight surprise.